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Boonshoft Museum New Permanent Exhibit Teaches Children about Water Conservation and Stewardship

May 14, 2012

Boonshoft Museum Partners with American Standard and WinWholesale to Bring Water Conservation Exhibit to Life. A new exhibit designed to teach children about the importance of water conservation has opened at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Ohio, thanks in large part to a partnership with American Standard and WinWholesale, Inc. Through the interactive “Splash!” exhibit, museum goers of all ages learn about the earth’s water cycle, the impacts that humans have on water access and quality, and about careers — like plumbing, geology and environmental conservation — related to water stewardship. The museum contacted WinWholesale, headquartered in Dayton, about participating in the exhibit. Upon agreeing to take part, WinWholesale contacted American Standard to also partner with the museum. “We were pleased the Boonshoft Museum asked WinWholesale to become involved in the water conservation exhibit in our home town,” said Rick Schwartz, WinWholesale CEO and chairman. “We knew we could count on American Standard Brands, one of our most important product suppliers, to help with the display.” “The goals of this new exhibit perfectly complement our own efforts to promote the importance of water efficiency in homes and in the workplace,” said Jay Gould, president and CEO of American Standard Brands. The eye-catching displays employ familiar plumbing fixtures to help visitors understand how individual actions impact water resources – including aquifers, rivers, and lakes. The product donation from American Standard to the museum included bathroom faucets from the Town Square®, Berwick®, Studio®, Copeland™, and Portsmouth® collections, as well as a Pekoe® semi-professional kitchen faucet. “Increasing awareness about how our individual choices affect and improve water quality is an important mission for American Standard,” Gould emphasized. He pointed to the company’s broad selection of water-saving, high performing WaterSense®-certified faucets and toilets, in addition to the company’s partnership with the Green Education Foundation (GEF) to develop a K-12 curriculum focused on water conservation. Said Diane Farrell, vice president of external relations at the Boonshoft Museum, “We are confident that educating the public about the relationships between healthy water, healthy lives, and healthy economies through this permanent exhibit is an effective way to encourage water conservation. We are pleased to partner with American Standard and WinWholesale to advance this worthy cause.” ABOUT AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDS – American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels. The company currently offers total project solutions for residential and commercial customers; employs more than 5,000 people in the United States, Canada and Mexico; and markets products under well known and respected brands, such as American Standard®, Jado®, Porcher®, Safety Tubs®, Crane Plumbing®, Eljer®, Fiat® and Decorative Panels International®. American Standard Brands is an affiliated portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners. WaterSense® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ABOUT WINWHOLESALE INC. – WinWholesale Inc. is a leading supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The privately-held company consists of more than 450 wholesaling corporations in which WinWholesale is an equity partner, and also Noland Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Noland is a wholesaler with nearly 70 locations mainly in the Southeast. Collectively, WinWholesale is referred to as “The Win Group of Companies.” In the group are companies conducting business-to-business wholesale distribution of plumbing and heating supplies; industrial pipes, valves and fittings; heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; electrical equipment; industrial and commercial fastening hardware; waterworks and utility supplies; and domestic, commercial and industrial pumps. ABOUT THE BOONSHOFT MUSEUM – The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery serves approximately 250,000 people per year and is the Miami Valley region’s premier family learning destination.  The 94,000 square foot venue houses the region’s only Planetarium, and the nation’s only public solar observatory.  The Museum is recognized by the prestigious Association of Science Technology Centers; they are accredited by the American Association of Museums and they are an accredited live animal zoo through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  In addition, they are recognized by the Association of Children’s Museums, a national network of institutions dedicated to providing interactive learning experiences for youth.

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Earth Day 2012 Water Conservation Tips Save Money

April 21, 2012


Earth Day 22 April is the perfect moment to take several simple steps which consumers can take to help conserve the water supply and lower monthly water and sewer bills while helping the environment, respecting and protecting our drinking water supply. “Earth Day 2012 reminds us of the essential role we each play in respecting and protecting our drinking water supply,” according to Environmental Plumbing Consultant  Ricky Jones of Plumbing Parts Depot® a leading plumbing supply warehouse distributor in New York City. Water your lawn early in the morning or at night to avoid excess evaporation. Do not over water your lawn. Fully load the dishwasher and clothes washer before running. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator or in the microwave instead of running hot water over the food. When washing dishes by hand, do not let the water run. Use a broom, rather than a hose, to clean sidewalks and driveways. If you have a swimming pool, use a cover. You will cut the loss of water by evaporation by 90 percent. Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets. Dripping faucets can waste up to two thousand gallons of water each year in the average home. Leaky toilets can waste as much as two hundred gallons per day. Do not leave the sink running while you brush your teeth.  Check faucets for drips or leaks. Make repairs to save water. Check toilets for hidden leaks. Add six drops of food coloring to the toilet tank.  If the toilet is leaking, color will appear in the bowl within 30 minutes. Inspect tank and bowl for cracks or leaks. Make sure toilets flush properly.  If the handle must be held down for a thorough flush or jiggled to stop the water from running, you may need to replace worn tank parts. They’re inexpensive and you’ll notice a lower water bill from eliminating the running water. Consider a dual-flush converter for older toilets, which saves water with four out of five flushes since a full flush isn’t needed most of the time. An easy and chemical-free way to clean mineral deposits from the showerhead, vinegar.  Unscrew it and soak in vinegar or fill a plastic baggie with vinegar; place it over the showerhead and hold in place with a rubber band.  Soak overnight then remove and gently scrub with an old toothbrush to remove deposits. Showerheads also have retrofit options for maximum water pressure and high-efficiency options. Check the temperature setting on the water heater.  It should be set no higher than 120° F to prevent scalding and reduce energy use. Carefully drain several gallons from the water heater tank to flush out corrosion causing sediment, which reduces heating efficiency and shortens the life of the heater. Consider replacing a water heater more than 15 years old with a newer, more energy efficient model. Life expectancy for water heaters is only 11 years so if yours is older, you’re on borrowed time. Check dishwasher, washing machine and icemaker supply hoses for bulges or leaks, yet another source of waste and inefficiency. Replace hoses showing signs of weakness or older than ten years. Stay away from environmentally unfriendly, quick-fix drain solutions and instead make drain maintenance a monthly habit by utilizing a nontoxic bio-based pipe shield product. Clean out washing machine lint trap, if equipped. You can reutilize an old pair of pantyhose to replace a wire trap over the end of the hose that drains the washer. Check exposed pipes under sinks and in the basement for signs of leaks. If your home has a sump pump, make sure it operates properly by pouring a few buckets of water into the sump pit. The pump should quickly turn on, discharge the water then shut off without any problems. In the case that you need to replace, energy-efficient models are available. Install a backflow valve in the floor drain if you live in an area where sewers sometimes back up into homes. This device will prevent future backups which wreak havoc on your home environment, are hazardous to health and require harsh cleaning agents to remedy. Inspect for slow leaks in your home by taking a reading on your water meter before bedtime. The next morning, without using any water overnight, take another reading.  If the reading has changed you have a leak that should be repaired. Install flood alarms. Like a smoke alarm, a flood alarm is an inexpensive battery-operated device that sounds an alarm when it comes in contact with water. It alerts you to potential flooding or leaks. Make sure yard drains, gutters and downspouts are cleaned out, open, and free of debris. Check for bird nests in plumbing vent pipes. Check faucets and hose bibs to make sure water flows freely.  If an outdoor faucet drips or if there is leakage inside your home the first time the hose is turned on for the season, you may have had a frozen pipe that cracked and needs to be replaced. Install inexpensive aerators on all of your faucets for water and water bill savings. “We are all stewards of the water we drink and use for other purposes,” Jones  said. “By taking these simple steps, we can feel confident that we are doing our part. Do not wait a week to fix that leak Plumbing Parts Depot has the devices to stop leaks and make you environment friendly.”

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Plumbing Supplies Depot And New York City Celebrate Earth Day

April 19, 2012

Sunday will be the 42nd annual Earth Day celebration which is observed each year on April 22; Come celebrate Earth Day New York at Grand Central Station EARTHFAIR Indoors Grand Central Terminal this Thursday Friday Saturday – EARTHFAIR Outdoors Grand Central Terminal and EARTH DAY in Times Square Friday, April 22nd 11:00am to 5:00pm. show your appreciation for the environment.  Plumbing Supplies Depot,, a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, announced that on 22 April, Plumbing Supplies Depot joins people around the world to celebrate Earth Day 2012. The Plumbing Supplies Depot goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness. We must continue our work to ensure that each new dawn, the sun shines through clear skies and upon clean waters and all our families enjoy the blessings of good health. According to Hector Hernandez, Environmental Conservation Consultant of Plumbing Supplies Depot, “Water is the biggest environmental issue we face in this century in terms of both quality and quantity. Since its passage, the ‘Clean Water Act’ has dramatically increased the number of waterways that are once again safe for fishing and swimming; despite this great progress in conserving water resources, we must still restore and protect our nation’s waters for present and future generations.” Efficient water use can have major environmental, public health, and economic benefits by helping improve water quality, maintain aquatic ecosystems, and protect drinking water resources. Efficient use of water through behavioral, operational or equipment changes, if practiced broadly can help mitigate the effects of drought. Efficiency measures can also save the homeowner money of water and sewage bills. Plumbing Supplies Depot maintains that homes with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures save about 30% of indoor water use and yield substantial savings on water, sewer, and energy bills. Consider repairing all leaks. Dripping faucets and leaky toilets can waste 200 gallons of water per day. Plumbing Supplies Depot offers an entire line of products and information to conserve water. Earth Day 2012, belongs to the public. Americans are gearing up to plant trees, clean up their communities, launch waste reduction programs, stage displays, parades and workshops. Keep America Beautiful. Be Environment Friendly. Celebrate Earth Day and every day the coming year.

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American Standard Brands Awarded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant For Hygienic and Sustainable Toilet

April 12, 2012


One of the world’s best known toilet brands has taken up the challenge to improve safety and sanitation in developing world countries. American Standard Brands has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and test a low-cost, prefabricated toilet system. Lack of adequate sanitation facilities affects around 40 percent of the world’s population, and around 1.2 billion people worldwide practice open defecation. An estimated 1.6 million people, mostly children under the age of five, die each year from water and sanitation related diseases. “A majority of these deaths are preventable through access to proper sanitation, safe drinking water and improved hygiene,” said Jay Gould, American Standard Brands president and chief executive officer. In collaboration with the Gates Foundation’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy, and the International Development Enterprises (iDE), American Standard engineers will work to develop a prefabricated toilet system that is more hygienic, easier to install, easier to maintain and clean, and can be economically mass-produced.  “Our goal is to develop a safe, affordable, latrine for the developing world that does not require a water and sewer based infrastructure,” explained project director, Jim McHale, Ph.D., American Standard Brands vice president, engineering. McHale notes that improved sanitation will help achieve the United Nations’ 2015 Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the proportion of people who lack safe drinking water and basic sanitation by the year 2015.  ABOUT AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDS – American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels. The company currently offers total project solutions for residential and commercial customers; employs more than 5,000 people in the United States, Canada and Mexico; and markets products under well known and respected brands, such as American Standard®, Jado®, Porcher®, Safety Tubs®, Crane Plumbing®, Eljer®, Fiat® and Decorative Panels International®. American Standard Brands is an affiliated portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners.

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February 12, 2012

According to Scott Mann of Plumbing Supplies Depot “in this day and age with an uncertain economy and shifting tides of current events it is refreshing to have the World Plumbing Day 11 March”, which is intended to provide anyone or any organisation involved in the global plumbing industry with an opportunity to promote the important role played by the industry. Many plumbing industry organisations are actively involved in activities related to the environmental role of today’s plumbing industry and World Plumbing Day provides a good opportunity to emphasise this role to the general public, according to the World Plumbing Council which promotes professional standards of plumbing to the world. Organisations are encouraged to arrange an event or meeting which will highlight World Plumbing Day. Many plumbing industry organisations are actively involved in activities related to the environmental role of today’s plumbing industry and World Plumbing Day provides a good opportunity to emphasise this role to the general public. WPC has published a Fact Sheet on the environmental aspects of plumbing and this may be used by organisations to assist them in their promotional work. Last Year, the U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan resolution formally designating March 11, 2011, as World Plumbing Day. Senate Resolution 100, introduced by Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and co-sponsored by Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.), highlights the role plumbing plays in safeguarding public health in the United States and worldwide, addresses the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation across the globe, declares access to such a vital human right and praises trained plumbing professionals for maintaining, repairing and rebuilding the aging water infrastructure of the United States.

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New York City Plans To Launch Bike Share Spring 2012

October 17, 2011

The New York City Council held public hearings to discuss the potential launch of a bike share program in New York City, after the New York City Department of Transportation and mayor’s office approved the idea. The New York Department of Transportation anticipates that the city will launch the new bike share in the spring of 2012.  In light of the recent toll hikes by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey , Caroline Samponaro, director of bicycle advocacy at Transportation Alternatives, a city advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit, said a bike share program has become essential to the city’s public transportation future. “Now, we need more options than ever,” she said. “Transportation services are getting crowded, and fares are going up.” While details have not yet been revealed, the DOT reported in a press release that members will most likely be given a trip limit of 30 minutes each day for free after which they would return the bikes at docking stations throughout the city. A small fee would be collected for any trip longer than 30 minutes.

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GE Carousolar: Old Fashion Clean Fun Meets Futuristic Technology Fun And Sun At NYC South Street Seaport

August 7, 2011

General Electric brings goods thing to life for Mother Nature with a unique solar powered LED-illuminated old-fashioned merry-go-round. The GE “Carousolar,” a refurbished 1926 kids ride spreads joy using a solar-powered electric motor. The GE solar-powered twist on the family favorite carousel has landed in New York’s South Street Seaport from August 3rd through September 7th, and is available to the public from 10 AM to 10 PM daily, running every 10-15 minutes with back-to-back rides all day. – Kids can take a free ride on the GE “Carousolar” 1926 refurbished, carnival carousel using solar panels, while moms and dads can charge their mobile devices at one of the 12 GE solar-powered charging stations and check out lots of new and innovative things GE is currently working on in solar designbuild. The beautiful all-white carousel lights the night sky illuminated by very cool and colorful GE TETRA Contour LED lights, the power behind the venue are 100 GE CdTe thin film solar panels an innovative, ultra-thin film solar module which harnesses the power of the sun to produce electricity hopefully be used to generate significant amounts of clean energy in the future as opposed to using coal or gas. It is not just fun playful model ponies that makes this merry-go-round spin solar power is doing most of the pushing. GE rebuilt an old Allan Herschell Co. carousel from Arkansas. Among the 30 horses, two chariots and two chickens, some of the parts were nearly a century old. Workers stripped the ancient three-phase AC motor and replaced it with a quieter motor from an electric car. GE Indoor Lighting luminaries are designed to produce optimum illumination from the lamp, optical system and ballast, while providing specific light patterns for specific applications. These reliable systems help to improve safety and energy savings, while enhancing productivity and efficiency, to put your industrial workplace in the best possible light. The cost-competitive GE solar solution requires less material than alternative technologies to achieve high levels of performance, a breakthrough that is said to nearly double the Thin Film share of the solar panel market by 2013. According to Rodger Ester of Plumbing Supplies Depot New York City, ‘the future of solar is here today making hot water and electricity; some customers even sell surplus electric to major utilities grid making solar a popular cost-effective solution to improve the bottom line’.

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Cheap Toilet Lids Replace Tornado Destruction

July 9, 2011

The Great American Dream shattered when your guest broke the toilet tank lid cover. You worked hard all your life, made prudent investments and now part of your biggest investment, your home, is now broken. Typically, we expect to see a toilet tank lid on the toilet when we visit our bathroom. The saga of the toilet lid often goes unnoticed when we take the toilet lid for granted, we expect to see it proudly sitting on our toilet tank to complete the traditional wholesome look of our toilet. Unprotected toilet water tanks with no lid are a serious hazard for both safety and health. Rough broken tank lid edges can cut one, the curious kitten may decide to take a swim and drown, the old hair dryer and water shock, someone with little fingers may tinker with the exposed flush parts and you may have the River Jordan greet you when you return from vacation and the list goes on. Your house guests trashed your home including the toilet tank lid top cover besides eating you out of house and home. Just when you thought you would have to replace your existing toilet because the toilet lid broke you discovered Cheap Toilet Lids which can spare you the expense of professional installation and buying another toilet just because the toilet tank lid cover top has been broken. Many will say the butler done it, but you say it was your house guest’s friend being nasty, others tell the story of a toilet bowel off the casino gaming floor at Resorts International in Atlantic City, NJ. The odds are good of finding a genuine American Standard, Kohler or other major brand factory replacement toilet tank lid cover, Cheap Toilet Lids claim 50,000 to one to have the plumbing part you need. Suzie Jackson of Cheap Toilet Lids in a recent interview related the story of a customer who ripped thru Resorts International Hotel and Casino Atlantic City public bathroom like a tornado destruction destroying every thing in the bathroom including the toilet lid. Water was everyone, flowing onto the casino gaming floor, people thought the ocean had overflowed, there were a couple of slip and falls, lost revenue from the areas having to be closed and more money spent to repair the water damage, the end of the story was when the customer walked away like nothing happened. The moral of the story is to have staff know where the water shut off valves are located. In the case of another client, Jackson reports Cheap Toilet Lids has repeat customers in a toilet lid of the month club where popular toilet lid inventory is stocked and ready for immediate shipment to the motel or condo who can not rent a unit because a toilet tank lid has been broken or is missing. Jackson noted behind every broken or missing toilet tank lid there is always a good story and while you have the toilet tank lid removed drop some food color in the tank let it sit a few hours and if the color makes it to the bowl you have a small leak which can be costing more money; often the cost of replacing a tank lid can be offset by repairing a faulty toilet valve which will save water and sewage costs. When you order the toilet tank lid from Cheap Toilet Lids you may also include plumbing parts and devices to save money which makes a story with a happy ending.

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Magic Of The 1106FP FilPro Ballcock Plumbing Device Saves Water

June 5, 2011

Plumbing Supplies Depot has announced that the 1106FP FilPro Ballcock water control valve is now available for immediate delivery to your door. Two years ago this plumbing supply replacement product vanished from the marketplace when the Brass Craft Company ceased production of this item. Rodger Ester of Plumbing Supplies Depot in a recent interview said ‘The demand for the hard to find 1106FP FilPro Ballcock was such that we had to begin producing our own product to keep our customers happy.’ This item was an Original Equipment Manufacturer part back in the days when Delta Faucet Company manufactured toilets. It is interesting to note that the 1106FP FilPro Ballcock has also been used in a variety of applications such as boat holding tanks on tug boats, for recreation applications used as a water control device in swimming pools and in agriculture for horse and farm animal watering. Ester continued ‘Customers are elated that the Plumbing Supplies Depot 1106FP FilPro now includes an anti-siphon design to conform with Water Savings and local plumbing codes’. Plumbing Supplies Depot stocks many plumbing items such as a quarter turn long handle water valve which makes daily life in the nautical, agriculture and recreational industries a pleasure of positive water control. Plumbing Supplies Depot has a complete line of water saving devices for the start of peak summer season water consumption, which can put a strain on local water supply and a dent in home sewage budgets. Ester concluded with a recommendation to ‘regularly check your toilet, faucets and pipes for leaks and have them fixed promptly by a plumbing professional. If water leaks are left unattended, the water lost can easily climb into the higher rates, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional cost to a monthly sewage and water bill.’ About Plumbing Supplies Depot – The Plumbing Supplies Depot, New York City, NY a global leader in plumbing supply, environmental plumbing, municipal waterworks and wastewater treatment.

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Aqua America CEO – Marcellus Shale Commission: Shale can be Future Economic Boom PA if Done Right

May 26, 2011

Aqua America CEO – Marcellus Shale Commission: Shale can be Future Economic Boom PA if Done Right. Speaking before the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Commission, – Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE: WTR) Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis said “Marcellus Shale has the potential to provide Pennsylvania with an economic boost well into the future if it’s done right environmentally.” DeBenedictis was invited to testify before the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Commission at its regularly scheduled meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to give a water suppliers’ perspective on the Marcellus Shale industry. DeBenedictis said that energy resource development has always been important to Pennsylvania’s economy, first with timber, oil, then coal, and now natural gas. “Coincidentally, the Commonwealth’s plentiful water resources have always been a significant part of, or impacted by energy resource development. The Susquehanna River provided transport for timbering in the 19th Century. In the 20th Century, streams were contaminated by acid mine drainage from the coal industry in the Southwest and Northeast,” said DeBenedictis. “It appears Marcellus Shale will be as water dependent as timber, oil and coal were in the past, and has to be done correctly in the 21st Century to avoid a legacy of pollution and despoiled land. As a major water supplier for the state, Aqua Pennsylvania has a vested interest in ensuring that our water supplies are protected. We also can play a role in providing water resources for energy development responsibly. ” With respect to protecting the water supply, DeBenedictis said that he agrees with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s ban on the treatment of flowback water by municipal wastewater plants.  Aqua Pennsylvania has and continues to conduct baseline testing of its water supply in areas where drilling is taking place. DeBenedictis said to date, the company has not found any adverse impact to its water supplies. He advocates that drillers build on the current baseline testing by conducting additional water testing at their expense.  DeBenedictis said that Aqua Pennsylvania has a 125-year history of building water infrastructure to deliver water to customers. Today, customers might include participants in the Shale gas business. “We are providing water filling stations in suitable locations to help move truck traffic out of towns and neighborhoods.” The company has two stations currently in operation in the western part of the state and another  scheduled to be open in that area in early summer. An additional station is open in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, with two additional stations scheduled to open there this summer. See also – Aqua America, Inc. is a publicly traded water and wastewater utility holding company with operating subsidiaries serving approximately 3 million people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Maine, Missouri, and Georgia. Aqua America is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WTR. Its largest subsidiary, Aqua Pennsylvania, serves approximately 1.4 million people in 30 counties throughout Pennsylvania.

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