Plumbing Supplies Depot And New York City Celebrate Earth Day

Sunday will be the 42nd annual Earth Day celebration which is observed each year on April 22; Come celebrate Earth Day New York at Grand Central Station EARTHFAIR Indoors Grand Central Terminal this Thursday Friday Saturday – EARTHFAIR Outdoors Grand Central Terminal and EARTH DAY in Times Square Friday, April 22nd 11:00am to 5:00pm. show your appreciation for the environment.  Plumbing Supplies Depot,, a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, announced that on 22 April, Plumbing Supplies Depot joins people around the world to celebrate Earth Day 2012. The Plumbing Supplies Depot goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness. We must continue our work to ensure that each new dawn, the sun shines through clear skies and upon clean waters and all our families enjoy the blessings of good health. According to Hector Hernandez, Environmental Conservation Consultant of Plumbing Supplies Depot, “Water is the biggest environmental issue we face in this century in terms of both quality and quantity. Since its passage, the ‘Clean Water Act’ has dramatically increased the number of waterways that are once again safe for fishing and swimming; despite this great progress in conserving water resources, we must still restore and protect our nation’s waters for present and future generations.” Efficient water use can have major environmental, public health, and economic benefits by helping improve water quality, maintain aquatic ecosystems, and protect drinking water resources. Efficient use of water through behavioral, operational or equipment changes, if practiced broadly can help mitigate the effects of drought. Efficiency measures can also save the homeowner money of water and sewage bills. Plumbing Supplies Depot maintains that homes with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures save about 30% of indoor water use and yield substantial savings on water, sewer, and energy bills. Consider repairing all leaks. Dripping faucets and leaky toilets can waste 200 gallons of water per day. Plumbing Supplies Depot offers an entire line of products and information to conserve water. Earth Day 2012, belongs to the public. Americans are gearing up to plant trees, clean up their communities, launch waste reduction programs, stage displays, parades and workshops. Keep America Beautiful. Be Environment Friendly. Celebrate Earth Day and every day the coming year.

News Courtesy A-1 Plumbing Newswire



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