How To Thaw Frozen PEX Plumbing Water Lines

According to Plumbing Parts Depot Store – the leader in hard-to-find discontinued plumbing parts and supplies, PEX water lines are basically a thermo set material that is cross linked. PEX is made from a high or medium density polyethylene. While these particular water lines are used mainly because they can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, you may still find that in extremely cold temperatures that they can freeze up. While this is something that is not common, it is still possible. You will find however that thawing them out is something that is not a very difficult task to do should it ever happen to you. Step 1 – Check for Cracks – The first thing that you are going to have to do is make sure that none of the water lines have cracked. A lot of the time, if the weather is extreme enough to freeze them, then cracking is something that can happen. This is because the water will expand whenever it is frozen into ice. The force of the ice expanding in the water line can easily cause it to crack. If there is a crack, then you will need to repair the entire water pipe. However, this is not something that happens all of the time. It is simply a good idea to check to make sure. Step 2 – Turn off the Water – Once you have checked to make sure that your water line has not in fact split, you are ready to turn off the water that is leading into the line. If you are in an older home, then you will usually have to shut off your main water supply that goes directly into your home. However, if you happen to have a new home, then you will be able to find intermediate water shut off valves that may be installed. This will allow you to simply isolate the frozen water line that you are going to have to work on. However you have to go about doing this, you will need to make sure that it is done correctly before you move on to the next step. Step 3 – Open Faucets – Once the water has been turned off, you will need to open up the faucets that the frozen water line is connected to. This will allow you to completely get rid of the cold water that is inside of your pipe. It will also allow less pressure so that the water can flow out of your pipe after it has been completely thawed.  Step 4 – Thaw – You are now ready to thaw your water lines. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about doing this. It will depend on what you already have available as well as how hard it will be to get to your water line that is frozen. You can get the water line wrapped up in cloths or bath towels and pour out hot water from your kettle over the towels. This will thaw the ice through the warm section that you are creating on the water lines. You can also use a blow dryer on the frozen section if you wish.  In conclusion, Plumbing Parts Depot Store suggests it is always easier and safer to have a Registered Master Plumber deal with repairing PEX Plumbing Water Lines.
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